Get it Done Once, right and on time.

At R&J Sheet Metal Distributors Inc. we know you don’t want to mess around.  You have a project to finish and we will help you get it done right!

With state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, R & J Sheet Metal distributors Inc. can fabricate straight duct runs, custom fittings, square to rounds, transitions, curbs, curb adapters, flexible connectors, and any ducting needs you have. But it doesn’t stop there.  We also wholesale duct seal, brushes, tap-cons, sammies, FSK tape and wrap, flexible insulated duct, slip and drive, and hanger strap. You name it for HVAC supply and installation.  We can make it or get it FAST, and save you money.

We do custom house jobs, commercial jobs and restaurants.   If it needs duct, we can provide the materials.

We also do shop drawings, bid take-offs and field measurements. R & J Sheet Metal Distributors Inc. is your one stop shop for the HVAC, Duct work & Mechanical Contractors.  We have produced custom work for all.